10 Steps to Adding Social Media to Your Teaching Toolbox

Realizing the potential value of social media for learning is just the first step to integrating it with your pedagogical strategies. Since there are hundreds of social media tools to choose from, it can easily become overwhelming. Consider these tips as you get started with the journey:

  1. Categorize social media tools by their primary functions and purposes. Notice the similarities to Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy.
  2. Begin to use social media for your own professional development.
  3. Create a network of colleagues with whom you can share best practices related to the use of social media and technology for teaching and learning.
  4. Discover experts in your field of study and curate lists of those experts (e.g., using Twitter, Facebook, blog rolls, etc.) to share with your students.
  5. Take advantage of seasonal breaks (i.e., winter, spring, summer and fall) to learn and experiment with new tools.
  6. Begin to use the new social media tools to create and share content of your own (i.e., through blogging, tweeting, or sharing some instructional content).
  7. Don’t rush to do it all at once. Gradually add social media tools to your pedagogical toolbox. Consider starting with one class and explain to your students that you’re experimenting with something new.
  8. Seek feedback from the students on what’s working and what’s not.
  9. If it doesn’t work or if you become frustrated, don’t give up. Modify and try it again.
  10. Realize that no one is a guru in using social media. Some have done it more than others, so learn from them. This embodies the slogan adopted by the Social Media Club: If you get it, share it.

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