My favorite iPad apps … so far

I’ve been the enthusiastic owner of a 16GB WiFi Apple iPad for six weeks. Being an early adopter, I’ve received countless ogles, requests and questions about the shiny device. The best question was this:

“Has the iPad changed your life?”

While I hesitated at first–knowing the question was actually intended to ridicule my fanatic enjoyment of the technology–I can honestly answer with a resounding “yes.” The device as proven to be impressively intuitive, speedy, reliable and convenient.

The most frequent question I get (and one I often ask fellow iPad-ers): What can it do (i.e., what apps do you have?)? I’ve accumulated only 85 apps so far, but find myself gravitating to those in my dock and on my first screen.

My dock features: TweetDeck (the best Twitter app I’ve found), Mail (a staple), Safari, NewsRack (the best RSS/feed reader), Things (to keep me focused on tasks that need to be completed) and Calendar.

But here are 10 favorites that have earned a spot on the first screen:

  1. USA Today – the best newspaper app for the iPad.
  2. The Weather Channel Max+ – the perfect app for the Weather-obsessed.
  3. Bible HD – for convenient navigation and reading from the most important book.
  4. WordPress – great interface for posting to my blog sites.
  5. Evernote – a repository of all my online discoveries.
  6. Memeo Connect Reader – easy access to all my Google Docs.
  7. Pages – for word processing out of the office.
  8. Attendance – the best way to record my students’ class attendance.
  9. Papers – a PDF library of all my research literature.
  10. Instapaper Pro – for reading when away from WiFi.