Design class to be offered as PR elective in Spring 2012


I’m currently developing a new special topics elective class that I’ll teach next spring for the PR students at Belmont University. I’d welcome any suggestions for specific projects that you think students need to know how to design and produce that will make them (the students) most marketable once they graduate and move into the real world.

Networking and writing remain keys

Harold Burson of Burson-Marsteller offered a glimmer of hope to PR graduates in the Class of 2009, especially those who are committed to public relations.

In a blog post yesterday, Burson said that public relations and communication is more valuable today than ever before.

In a competitive job market during challenging economic times for organizations of all kinds, the aspiring PR professional must possess two qualities to make them stand out in the pool of job hunters:

  • A professional network.
  • Exceptional writing skills.

He suggested that most organizations have not cut their communication staff and budgets because “public relations has proven itself to be agile, flexible, creative and comprehensive” especially in turbulent times. Additionally he points out that organizations are seeing the impact of digital communications.

Knowledge and skills in digital communications (especially social media) can increase one’s marketability in the public relations profession.