Wave’s potential impact on media relations

Valeria Maltoni raises an interesting question (in spite of a few distracting typos) about the impact that Google Wave might have on public relations and, more specifically, media relations. She asserts thatgooglewaveGoogle Wave “treats media as a process, where truth could emerge from many voices and forms. Is this going to spell the age of news in the cloud?” This is an interesting thought for both journalism and public relations in the age of social media (not just Google Wave).

Of particular note, Maltoni offers these reminders for PR professionals to consider when preparing to communicate their organizations’ news:

  • the content – what value components will allow your publics to derive self-worth and interest?
  • the multimedia – this goes way beyond the social media release to access and potential community involvement
  • the conversation – what’s the story from the point of view of the community?
  • the social aspect – this is where the information generates engagement

These components are easily transferrable to the professional journalist.