End-of-the-Semester Questions Abound

It’s the final day of classes for the Spring 2010 semester and stress is clearly taking its toll. Here’s a sampling of 10 questions I’ve been asked (most more than once) over the past two days:

  1. I knew our portfolio was due April 26, but I just didn’t realize that today was April 26. Can I turn it in late?
  2. What are we suppose to do for that creative project thing that’s due Thursday?
  3. It’s the last day of class, are we going to do anything today?
  4. Is it OK if I leave class early today?
  5. I know our paper is due right now, but can I turn it in later?
  6. I know you asked us to staple our papers, but I don’t have a stapler. Can you staple it for me?
  7. The assignment sheet says we’re suppose to have 10 blog posts? Do we really have to have that many?
  8. Does “the last day of classes” mean “the last day of classes” or the last day of finals?
  9. If our internship is suppose to be finished by Thursday, April 29, does that mean we have to have all of our required hours completed by then?
  10. I haven’t done the assignments over the past 15 weeks to pass this class, but I’m graduating next week. What can I do now to make sure I get to graduate?
  11. What can I do to make sure I get an “A” in your class?

OK, I just couldn’t stop at the tenth question.